Hello Motherhood.

1 Samuel 1:27 “I prayed for this child, and God gave me what I asked for.”

I remember feeling like something was wrong with me. I struggled for years with negative thoughts that bombarded my mind. For some reason I accepted the idea that I would have issues to get pregnant. Why? Because the enemy suggested that since my mother struggled to get pregnant that I would also experience that. WRONG!

The enemy will sow thoughts of fear in your mind all day any day. It’s up to you if you will accept or decline.

Well, after spending time in the Word, prayer, and received counsel my mind was finally renewed and I completely put my trust in the Lord. I remember one particular day while spending time in the presence of God weeping I heard the Holy Spirit say :“It’s nothing for God to bless you and your husband with a child, its more so about you being ready to receive.”

A lot of times we pray asking God to bless us with something, only to find out that thing you wanted may have looked nice and all but you did not expect it to come with other things that will challenge you. Like marriage for example. I wanted to get married so bad! I couldn’t wait to say YES to the dress, to pick out my center pieces, pick the colors, venues, hotel, bridesmaids, honeymoon… and the list goes on. And oh yea I couldn’t wait to be able to cover my husband in prayer… What I didn’t pay much attention to or should I say put most of my energy into was MARRIAGE. My desire to be married got lost in my desire to plan a wedding DAY. The wedding is for a DAY, your marriage is for a LIFE TIME. Plan for how you are going to fight for your marriage in prayer, pray for God to pour LOVE and COMPASSION into your heart, pray for your heart to be submitted to the Lord. Those are some of the things I know now that I spend most my energy in, and not all the time like I should because its hard, but  I wish I knew that before going in so that my heart could be positioned in the right place.

Back to mommyhood, which by the way is the best hood! That moment I told you I had in prayer was the moment I shifted my prayer from asking God to bless my womb in order to have children, to Lord teach me how to be a mother of prayer, a mother that’s full of compassion, a mother that is patient, a mother that will be selfless, a mother that will stand by my children in times of hardship, a mother that will steward my child to be Christlike, a mother that will lead by example. My prayers were able to shift because I realized I have a good father that cares for me and heard my request. blessing my husband and I with children was not an issue for him at all. That was the easy part. I had to be sure that I was ready, my heart was ready, to receive.

So now I am proud to say that I have entered into the hood, that’s motherhood of course! I welcomed my beautiful son Ashur into the world on March 24, 2016, by way of natural birth (unmediated).


Ashur Corvil

Also stay tuned, I will post my Birth Story soon.

With love,




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