A Birth Story: Ashur Corvil

“The woman is strong and powerful. She should be full of grace, have a kind heart, a wise mind, and loving speech”

Let me start off by saying pregnancy is a beautiful journey. Pregnancy taught me confidence, patience, and trust. Although I had a rough time in the beginning of my pregnancy due to morning sickness, when it was all said and done, I felt like my pregnancy went by quick.

I always knew I wanted to go ALL NATURAL (the way God intended it), in other words, an unmediated birth. When people would ask me through out my pregnancy I always said, “I’m believing God, that I will be able to give birth without any medications”. Let me tell you, I got some weird looks and comments, but I also got a lot of encouragement by other moms who did it. I always stuck with what I was believing God for even though it wasn’t normal to some. Funny how giving birth naturally has become something out of the ‘NORM’ when giving birth naturally is what’s normal. As a woman our bodies were created to give birth. I remember reading about the importance of having a birth plan, so my husband and I wrote one. Closer to the end of my pregnancy we shared it with my midwife and my doula, and we were all set. Just waiting for the big day: D DAY (Delivery Day).

It was 11:53 pm when I heard a mini pop as liquid started to leak. I got up from bed to head to the bathroom. As I walked to the bathroom water ran down my legs. I told my husband  what was going on, all the while denying that it was my water that just broke. I ensured my husband that this was definitely something I’ve never experienced before, and no I was not peeing on myself, but for sure it wasn’t my water. We started to laugh out of shock that this was actually happening. After laughing for about 20 mins we finally decided to call our mothers. We got the same massage from both mothers: GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW! So, after going through denial I finally started to believe that it was definitely my water that just broke and we were getting ready to meet our son really soon!

Meanwhile, I still had no contractions. I had read and listened to countless birth stories and thought mine would be similar to what I heard. But nope, I was wrong. Every body is different. I always thought I would have contractions first for like 5 hours then my water would break, then I would labor at home as long as I could, and then we would head to the hospital.  Well that scenario wasn’t my story. Well for me I had been experiencing mini contractions for about two weeks up until that day. At my prenatal visits I opted out to let my midwife check me (check if I had dilated) because I just wasn’t ready for that yet lol.

On the drive to the hospital I finally felt something. It was a small cramp in my lower back. So I thought maybe this is what its going to be like throughout labor. If so then it won’t be that bad. Well we got to the hospital and checked in. While in triage they hooked me up to monitor the baby’s heartbeat and keep an eye on my contractions, which at the time was not really consistent and strong yet. The nurse tested the liquid coming out to see if it was amniotic fluid, and sure enough it was, so I was definitely in labor and was already dilated to 2 cm. At about 2 am is when the contractions really started getting consistent and strong. While waiting to be placed in my room I walked around for about an hour to help my labor progress and encourage gravity. I was then placed in my room where I would be giving birth.


At 5 am I told my husband he can go ahead and call the doula. Once my doula arrived around 6 am I got into the hot tub where I labored for awhile. Around 8 am we started walking again and I also sat on the birthing ball. All that to encourage gravity, which helped the labor process go smoothly and quickly. At 10 am I got back into the hot tub. I loved laboring in the tub because I was able to focus more on my breathing and the warmth of the water was soothing.


At 12 pm my midwife came in to check me and I was at 7 cm dilated! I only had 3 more cm to go. I continued to labor in the tub interchanging with walking, and my nurse had my use the breast pump which made my contractions get stronger and more frequent. The breast pump was no joke. It definitely got the job done. At 2:45 I felt the urge to poop: when you feel the urge to poop its a sign that the baby is ready to come out and it is time to start pushing (its not really poop by the way, its the pressure of the baby’s head). So my doula helped me out of the tub, and the nurse checked me. I was 10 cm! Now let me tell you going from 8-10 cm was no joke. The contractions were very intense, they were coming back to back. So I got on the bed in a up right squatting position and I started pushing. It was about at 3:05 pm when I started pushing and after pushing 3 times at 3:15 pm I was holding Ashur. I immediately did skin to skin and started nursing 30 mins later, he latched right on.

I’m so thankful for The Holy Spirit, my husband, my doula, my labor and delivery nurse, my midwife, the aroma therapy my husband was diffusing in the room, the worship music that was playing non stop, and how quiet and peaceful my room was. Throughout the whole process I focused on my breathing while quoting scriptures out loud. Philippians 4: 13 was my favorite: “I can do ALL THINGS through Christ who strengths me”. My favorite worship song was by Jenn Johnson “Come To Me”.


First family pic!


Adler and I are so blessed and thankful for Ashur. He is so sweet! We are adjusting to parenthood pretty well. Thank you for reading my birth story!

With love,





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