The thought of an infinite, all knowing, omnipotent, creator, holy God is actually immeasurable and finite for the average mind [intellect, reasoning, and understanding] to grasp with just a thought. With this vapor of life that has been granted to us, is the gift of experience and encounter granting the access to see the attributes of God before spending eternity in His existence.

When you look at the trees, sky, mountains, grass, stars, or moon what comes to mind?
Does your primary thought lead to the awe of God or something contrary? It’s merely impossible scripture says for one to go without experiencing God in the slightest mundane of life.

It’s safe to say in the beginning of our awakening to God, we encountered grace itself through God because of our faith. Due to the tussle of life, and wavering of our faith we can often neglect our innocence in our awe of almighty God. I question how much wonder we truly have for God as we walk through this life of purpose. Forfeiting the very essences of admiration can cause rebellion to drive one to devalue our awareness of God.


The definition: A feeling of surprise mingled with admiration, caused by something beautiful, unexpected, unfamiliar, or inexplicable.

Childlikeness reminds me of wonder. As a child stares at a person painting for the first time, that child gets lost in the moment as their attention is sucked into the very existence of the artist as the brush glides across the canvas and into the paint and back to the canvas. The artist is just being himself and the child is in complete awe and marvel at the artist. So innocent, the child that is. We should be that child, admiring God staring at his invisible yet powerful nature.


I challenge you to sit in silence and ponder on the little you know about God. Think on his goodness and kindness. Think on his grace and mercy, his sovereignty and majesty. To make it even simpler think on how his grace saved you from death. How he loves you without reservations or conditions.

With that watch how you start to fall into wonder. You start to worship him with your very being.

As children of God I pray we don’t allow life to cause us to devalue God and loose our wonder of his presence.

Psalm 19:1-6

With love,



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